June 24, 2012

Lazy weekend!

It's been a pretty lazy weekend around here!  It's been raining on and off since Friday and it doesn't look like it will be clearing up anytime soon.  Oh how I hate the month of June for that reason.  I am hoping since this is the last week of June that the rain will ease up so we can actually enjoy some fun activities outside!

I did head over to the outlets yesterday which was quite interesting.  That place was ridiculously PACKED!  And the deals weren't anything WOW.  I did pretty well at Bath & Body Works and Gymboree.  But other then that the deals were ehhhh.

Some of my good finds at the Gymboree Outlet!

We decided since the rain kept us in the most of the weekend to head out for some breakfast this morning!  Thank goodness for technology.  It makes going out to eat much more peaceful :-)