February 27, 2012

South Carolina trip!

We survived the drive to South Carolina, both there and back. And without too many bumps or bruises. Haha. Actually the drive wasn't bad at all. It went really well. It was only 6 1/2 hours, that's a piece of cake compared to the drive to WI, which is like 20 hours :-(.

We arrived on Tuesday around 8p. Once we were all settled into the hotel we headed out to grab a quick bite to eat. Since it was super late Payten pretty much crashed at dinner. We woke up super early on Wednesday so that we could get a good seat at the Family Day celebration. The ceremony was sooo good. The soldiers entrance was amazing! After the ceremony we had to go find our soilder on the field. Well let me tell you how hard that is when there is 906 soldiers!!! Mass chaos! But we found her and Payten was beyond excited. She wouldn't let her Aunt Tracy go all day. She really missed her these past two months.

After the ceremony we had the whole day to spend with Tracy but we had to stay on base. We started out the day with some bowling. Payten's first time and she LOVED it! Now she keeps asking me when we are going back. Haha. After that we did some shopping at the various stores on base, toured the base, then grabbed some dinner. Before we knew it was 8p and time to bring Tracy back to her barracks :-( Payten of course couldn't understand why she couldn't come back with us so she played the ask a million question game :-)

Thursday was graduation day. Another early morning but totally worth it. It was a bit chilly in the bleachers but luckily it warmed up. The ceremony was really nice. It was definitely a life changing experience. I can not tell you how proud I am of my little sister. She is brave , courageous, selfless. I am honored to call her my sister! After the ceremony Tracy was granted an off post day, so we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for a celebration lunch! We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and spending time with our solider. Of course 8p came way too quickly again and saying goodbye was soo hard. :-( Like me, Payten is the worst at good byes. I am going to miss my little sis so much but I know she is doing something great and I am so proud of her. I can't wait to see her in June!!!

ps - Major picture overload below :-)

We made it!

Field where the ceremonies took place

Waiting for family day to start!

AWESOME entrance from the soldiers!

Payten so excited to see Aunt Tracy... shes been waiting for weeks!

She may be my younger sister but definitely not the "little" sister :-)

Payten's 1st time bowling and she did pretty good!

Soo excited to see her Auntie graduate :-)

Amazing ceremony!

Walking the track at the end of graduation!

Payten is so proud of her Auntie Tracy!

My proud parents!

So proud of my sister and all shes accomplished!

Payten can't get enough of her Auntie!!

And one last picture before bringing Aunt Tracy back :-(


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister and your family! That is amazing!