September 9, 2010


Is it all 2 year olds that give their parents a hard time about eating or just mine? I keep thinking we are doing something wrong but what? We offer her all the foods she loves and most of the time lately she doesn't even want any of those. She has to be hungry. I have limited her to little snacks and drinking. I was thinking those were the things that were filling her up, and still she refuses to eat.

Dinner time has become my most dreaded time of the day, when it should actually be enjoyable as we all sit down together as a family. I am not sure what else to do about this. I am really hoping this is just a phrase and she grows out of it quick! Please offer some words of advice or encouragement! The hubby and I really need some!


Andrea said...

Ugh, us too...Angelica eats like a bird, and she's only in the 5th percentile for weight (22lbs at 27 months) so our pediatrician wants us to "beef her up" -- LOL. The best thing I've done is to avoid calling attention to her not eating. She doesn't get anything to eat/drink within 2 hours of dinner...At dinner time, the TV is off so she's not distracted, she's served her meal, and if she only takes a few bites I let it go. That way she's not getting attention for NOT eating, so it doesn't reinforce the behavior or become a power struggle. I've only been doing that a few days though...but she has started eating more! A friend told me the other day that no child who has food available will starve to death. Eventually she'll eat. I hope. :) Good luck!!

Gina said...

Our son is the same way. We too ignore his not-eating and I've found that when he sits there long enough without attention, he'll start to eat a little. And a little is better than nothing!

Firefly said...

I agree with Andre. When our littl eone was in that phase we just limited things and didn't give her a drink at a meal until after part of the food was at least gone (She would chug all her milk and then surprise be full). It's really hard as a parent to see them not eat, but they'll eat if their starving and more than likely she is not starving seeing as you are and concerned parent.