September 2, 2010

1st Birthday Party Planning - Invitations

Camryn's 1st Birthday party planning has begun, well actually I started it a few weeks ago but everything is finally coming together. I have had a million ideas in my head. But this week I finally started to test them out.

First thing first... The invitations! Which I love so very much! I ordered them from Etsy seller LePoppyDesign. She did an amazing job! As you can see the theme for Camryn's 1st Birthday is Sweet Shop! I never knew that there were so many ideas with this theme. But with lots of internet searching we have lots of cute details. But of course we'll keep them for another post. :-) Stay tuned to a month long of birthday party planning.


Meaghan said...

very cute invitations! lil man over here is turning 1 soon too. might have to check her etsy shop out.

Emily said...

I absolutely love these invitations! Lord help me if I have a little girl next, lol

Carolyn said...

So cute! I love her shop! She did Jaslyn's 1st birthday invitations as well.