January 13, 2014

Oh Monday!

Oh Monday how I despise you!  That means its time for another busy week :-(.  

We had a fun weekend and sad that it came to an end.  Friday night was a low key night at home, just what we needed after a busy week.  Saturday morning we were up early for our day at Magic Kingdom.  Thanks to our awesome friends for getting us in.  We started our day at the park at 9a and headed back to our cars at around 6p.  We were planning on staying for the fireworks but the kids were fading.  It's a long day for them.  The park wasn't packed at all so we did a ton of stuff!  My favorite part was meeting the interactive Mickey Mouse.  It was so cool to hear Mickey talk and interact with the kids.  Camryn was a little hesitant on it but Payten just ate it up.  We went on a ton of rides and saw the Princesses as well {the girls LOVE that}.