January 30, 2014

Payten's Surgery

I know I said weekly updates but clearly I can't even get to those these days.  Maybe a monthly one?!  

Payten had surgery about two weeks ago.  She had an infected tooth that needed to be removed.  We saw several dentists for a few opinions, most of them wanted to do the removal {general anesthesia} in their office but I just didn't feel comfortable with that. We finally found a pediatric dentist that we loved and she would perform the surgery at Arnold Palmer hospital.  Ahh finally!  It took a few weeks to get her on the surgery schedule but it was worth the wait because what an amazing experience we had at Arnold Palmer. Every nurse or doctor that we dealt with was AMAZING and went above and beyond to make Payten happy.  They truly have an amazing gift to be so good with children like that.
Payten's actual surgery went really well.  It only lasted about an hour.  They even cleaned her teeth while they were in there.  One less appointment we'll have to make for 6 months :-).  She was a little out of it from the anesthesia but by the next day she was good as new!
I am so glad this is behind us because I was an absolute wreck over this whole thing.