April 23, 2013

Payten's 5 year check up

Last Monday, Payten FINALLY went for her 5 year check up.  Due to lovely insurance they wouldn't let me schedule it unless it was at least exactly 1 year from her last well visit.  Grr!  

Our visit started out great.  They weighed her (33 lbs - 6% percentile), checked her height (39 inches - 2% percentile), asked her a few questions about what she knows, and then off to the exam room we went.  As you can tell by her percentile's she is going to be a peanut.  But when you put both her weight and height together she is in the 53% percentile :-)
I should have known better then to make an appointment for first thing Monday morning.  It was pretty busy so we waited a bit.  To make the time go by faster my hubby decided it would be fun to blow up a rubber glove and hit it back and forth in the room.  Ahhhh he is like a BIG little kid :-)
After a while the doctor came in, did the usual check up and asked Payten if she knew her abc's, if she could write her name, and a few others.  Before you know that was over and then the nurse came in for the dreading vaccines :-(.  Payten was all happy until after the first shot, and by the third she was so mad at us.  She cried for a few minutes and even said to us as the tears were falling down her face "I thought you guys loved me", that truly just ripped my heart out :-(.  Of course then I had to explain that it was important she got these so she could stay well and protect her against bad germs.  I felt horrible :-(

Unfortunately since I had to get back to work, off to school she went.  Luckily she did great at school and it wasn't long before she totally forgot about those dreaded shots!
On her way to school :-(