April 29, 2013

Aquatica fun!

Had a great weekend with my girls!  My hubby was working all weekend so we got to spend some quality girl time together.  After Camryn's soccer game Saturday morning we headed over to Aquatica to meet our friends.  We stayed for hours, almost stayed until the park closed for the day.  We got home around 5p, showered and then off we went to do some shopping.  The girls wanted new nightgowns and they need shoes for the cruise so we were on a mission.  Can you believe after going to FIVE, yes FIVE stores we didn't walk out with one single thing?!  I couldn't believe it!  I was shocked!  

Sunday we laid low for the most part.  We started our day off with a yummy breakfast at First Watch, then off to work the hubby went.  We attempted AGAIN to see if we could find the girls nightgowns, but no such luck so home we went.  We spent the rest of the day crafting and hanging out watching princess movies.  I even squeezed in organizing some of my cabinets in the kitchen.  And the bathroom cabinets in the master bath.


I am bummed the weekend has come to an end... but only 13 more days until our vacation, woot woot!