December 9, 2011

Friday already?!

It can't be Friday already I still have so much to do! This week just flew by! I guess its because we are so busy. Its non stop around here lately. I wish this month would slow down because it is by far my favorite time of the year.

We have a super busy weekend ahead of us! Tonight it starts off with a Christmas celebration with the Ellison family, tomorrow morning Taylor's 6th Birthday Party, Gala in the evening with my hubby, Sunday morning Lilli's 4th Birthday Party, and a Christmas celebration with the Berry family. Lots of fun things that's for sure! We are looking forward to spending the weekend with great friends!

Any plans for the weekend?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. We sure are and look forward to next week and sharing some Christmas fun with the in-laws.

Happy Friday!

My girls last December, how crazy how much they have changed!