September 13, 2011

Step away from Etsy!

Man is this site addicting! I could order things all day long on here! But my newest obsession is ordering vinyl decals. I have ordered FOUR already! I think I better stop! But they are so cute!

This is for Payten's room!

The Master bedroom

For our Foyer

And for Camryn's room!

I think my hubby might freak when they all arrive in the mail :-) Especially since he'll be the one to put them on the wall. Hehe.


Kara Wright said...

LOL! Totally understand. I looooove these too. That was the biggest thing I HAD to have in Mariah's room!

Heather said...

It is one of my favorite sites! Have you been on Pinterest yet? I'm telling you, its AMAZING!

Working Mommy said...

the 2nd one is cute - i thought about getting one myself and putting it above the cribs...but I have so many other projects that need to be finished first...