September 9, 2011

Friday already?!

Is it really Friday?! Where did this week go? I know it was a short one but geez I feel like it was just Tuesday. I am not complaining but any means since I love the weekends, but wow! And our weekend is just as busy!

Tonight I am taking Payten to see Disney on Ice with some of her dance friends. She is totally siked! She has been talking about it for days! Tomorrow is her first day of dance for the year, followed by a special little's guys 2nd Birthday party! Sunday we are hoping to get some things done around the house but ya just never know around here lately. Something is always going on! Any plans for your weekend?

I did order this neat Family Monogram from Etsy! I can't wait until it arrives. I have a few more vinyl decals I would like to order but I need to find the time to measure to see how big I need them. Time? What's that?


Kim Parise said...

I LOVE LOVE that family monogram!! I might have to look into getting one!!!

Heather said...

Love the wall Maonogram!! Hope you guys have a good weekend! :)

Kara Wright said...

Oh I like :)

Working Mommy said...

very cute - where is it going?