May 26, 2011

Weekend Part 1

And now for Part 1 of the weekend. I know we are doing things a little backwards these days. Friday after work, the girls and I met the hubby at Disney. We have a few days left until our passes expire so we headed over to Magic Kingdom for the evening.

We arrived at the perfect time. We walked in and there was Chip & Dale. The girls got their autographs and pictures with them. And as soon as we were done the parade begin. It was so fun to watch and the girls loved it. After an exciting first hour, we went to get some dinner. Dinner was fairly quick since all Payten was talking about is going on the rides. She is totally my kid when it comes to amusement parks. She loves all the rides! We went on a ton of rides in just a few short hours. It was so nice not have to wait on line. Going back at night is a definite must. It beats all the crowds and HOT HOT sun!


Belle's Butterfly said...

I love your pictures of the girls with Chip and dale. Absolutely adorable. This makes me so excited for our tip in October. It will be Belle's first time to Disney.