May 2, 2011

Our Weekend

I can't believe I managed to go the WHOLE weekend without taking one picture! Although our weekend wasn't too picturish... if that is even a word! :-)

Friday evening we worked on preparing all of our stuff for our Yard Sale. It took hours to get things organized. I thought we didn't have much stuff but boy was I wrong. It's amazing how much stuff one family accumulates!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the sale. Started at 7:30a, and went surprisingly well! We sold our leather living room furniture, futon, curtains off the windows, clothes, toys, you name it and we sold it :-) I am thrilled we sold lots but kind of sad because my house is EMPTY! But I just keep telling myself less to pack! After the sale, the girls and I took a nap, we were exhausted. The hubby worked in the evening, so we headed over to the Ellison's for some Olive Garden to-go. So yummy!

Yesterday the girls spent the day with their daddy while I was on a hunt to find some dresses for a few events I have coming up. I did really well and found two dresses which are super cute!

What do you think?! Aren't they so cute?

After I got home for the mall, we all hung out, played and worked on getting the house organized and cleaned. Once the girls went to bed I started working on some banner projects. I can't believe I haven't announced it yet... but my friend Dana and I started a new business. It's called Uniquely Me Design. Come check us out on facebook. We are making super cute banners for any occasion and we are soon expanding with some new items so stay tuned!

We had some exciting news last night. . . but I will share later this week! Happy Monday!


Brittany said...

I love these dresses! They are awesome!

YUMMommy said...

The dresses are cute!