July 30, 2009

Lots of new baby things!

It's been a crazy week, but things are finally getting accomplished. I finally made a deicsion about a double stroller. I never knew this would be such a challenge. Of course this could have been avoided if the first stroller would have arrived but it was a scam.. ugh! It took me weeks to get over that whole situation before I even started researching again. But I did find a great deal on Peg Perego Aria Twin Side by Side. And the best part is I ordered it on Wednesday and its shipped already. It'll be here on Monday! :-)We ordered Camryn's furniture about 6 weeks ago, and we were told it would be here no earlier then 10 weeks but more towards 12 weeks. Well of course we have been debating when to start the nursery and figured we would start next weekend and still have weeks to spare. Well, I received a phone call Wednesday that the furniture has arrived and is ready to be picked up. Yikes!! We haven't even purchased the paint yet. So needless to say we'll be busy working on the nursery this weekend. We chose the same furniture collection that Payten has. It's by Munire, the collection is Newport. However this time we choose Antique White. I am excited to see how it all will look! Here are a few pictures of the furniture from Munire's website.
The bedding we chose is Pink Paisley by babybedding.com. Of course that is something else I still need to order but I'm hoping to place that order this weekend. Stay tuned to final pictures of the nursery. I hope it comes out as well as Payten's although we are not doing any crazy walls this time. :-) Happy Thursday everyone!!