July 22, 2009

26 and 27 weeks

This blogging world is hard to keep up with. But I am going to try and be better. I just need a few extra hours in the day. :-)

Week 26 - All About Baby

This week your baby-to-be opens her eyes for the first time. She'll open and shut her eyes as she gets used to her new ability. Your little one is still on the small side. Her body may look fully formed on the outside, but inside there's fine-tuning taking place, including her lungs and her brain. Your unborn baby still has some growing to do!

How Big Is Baby?

This week your baby's weight hovers around two pounds and her length reaches about nine inches (crown to rump).

Week 27 - All About Baby

Your baby's lungs and brain are beginning to mature. Although he'd have a good chance of survival if he were born now, he could use a few more weeks of growing. Added layers of fat are continuing to form. These layers will help your baby regulate his temperature once outside the womb and help keep him warm.

Remember to count your fetal movements. Every fetus has its most active times (and often it's late at night when you are trying to catch a few zzzzs!). During his active periods, your baby should move 10 times an hour. Choose an hour, and mark each movement on a piece of paper. If your baby hasn't moved 10 times, drink some juice and count again for another hour. You should call your doctor if the baby hasn't moved at least ten times during any two-hour stretch.

How Big Is Baby?

Your little one weights just over two pounds now and stretches out to a little over nine and one-half inches (crown to rump).

This week's belly pic... it's growing by the minute!