February 28, 2011

Day of Celebrations!

Friday we celebrated Payten's birthday and our anniversary at Disney! Of course this was more for the girls but it was totally worth it for all the smiles. Their smiles are priceless. Payten LOVES meeting the characters so of course that is when we get the best smiles from her. Camryn on the other hand LOVES the shows. We'll be back soon since we bought a Florida Hopper Pass. :-)

Heading into the park!

Love this castle!

I guess she thinks shes big!

Giving Tigger lots of love!

I think she loves Pooh Bear too!

Our Family <3

Waiting for "It's a Small World" to start!

Wee.... Merry Go Round!

YAY almost showtime!

Awesome show at Cinderella's castle!

The girls with their Daddy watching the show at the Castle

I think we wore her out!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Those are beautiful pictures, but uhm...next time you wanna take pictures of my house you should let me know.