February 19, 2010

Lack of blogging!

It's been one of those weeks. It started Sunday night after Camryn's Christening.... I was the first one to start the stomach bug, and it was just downhill from there. Sean was next, then my mother in law, my sister, Darrin, my mom, my dad, Gaby, and two of Ellison kids. It is just awful! It finally seems to have passed everyone and hopefully it stays far far away! On top of the horrid stomach bug, Payten has an ear infection and a snotty nose, and Camryn has a snotty nose. They are both on antibiotics and we're hoping their better by next week for Payten's birthday. We are planning on staying home all weekend so we can stay away from all the germs! Sickies stay away!!!

On a better note, Camryn's Christening was beautiful. The ceremony was great and the girls did well in Church. After the ceremony we headed over to the Havana Country Club for a luncheon. Food was great and the time we got to spend with our family and friends was even better! I am so glad that most of our family and friends were able to join us. Thank you everyone for celebrating Camryn's special with us.

I hoping next week will be a better week.... It sure will be a busy one. Payten's birthday and birthday party, Our 4th wedding anniversary, and Sean and I are actually getting an ADULT night out (Thank you so much Tammy for watching the girls), YAY!

Our weekend will be boring so I am sure I will be taking lots of photos since I slacked all week, so keep a lookout. Happy Friday!