February 2, 2010

Jump N Joey's!

It's been quite rainy here the past few days, so Payten, Camryn, & I met Kim, Ally, and the Ellison Clan at Jump N Joey's. It's a bounce house place. I wasn't too sure how Payten would like it since our last trip to Monkey Joe's didn't go too well, but she ended up loving it! At first she wasn't too sure but after a short time she was going in all by herself. What a great place! We definitely will be back soon!

Mommy and Payten enjoying the BIG slides!

Payten jumping all by herself!

Tammy & Case getting ready for the big dip!

Camryn observing all the other kids having fun!

This was the best I could get of Ally & Payten.

Crazy Colt, gotta love him!

Payten having a blast in the little house.

Case bouncing away on the Zebra

Crazy girls!

Kim & Ally getting ready for the slide fun!