January 22, 2009

A third time is a charm right??

I figured since I have attempted to keep this blog up several times now, I am thinking this is my last attempt and hopefully I will be successful. Hmmm??

Can you believe its 2009 already? And better yet its the 22nd! Where is this year going already? Time is flying by way too fast!

Payten & I returned on Monday morning for our first trip of the year. We went to NJ for Nicole's Bridal Shower. Although Payten didn't attend, I did and it was a blast. I will be sure to post some pictures. We got to visit with several family members and friends. Our visits are always great but way too short. :-(

Payten will be turning 11 months on Saturday. Crazy right? She is learning new things everyday and its just amazing. She has taken a few steps but still is unsure about the whole walking thing. Her new words are Hi, Dada, and Momma. Yup, she finally said Momma!

I promise to be better about this whole blogging thing. Here are a few new pictures of the princess.