January 25, 2009

Our Weekend

Is it Sunday already? Where do the weekends go?

We had a great weekend spending time with friends. Friday night, we had dinner with Aunt Dana & Uncle Doug. We went to our favorite place, Olive Garden. Payten even tried a breadstick. She was not a fan. Not a surprise since table food doesn't seem to be her thing right now. Hopefully she will like it soon or she will be eating baby puree's for the rest of her life. Haha.

Saturday was a fun day at home trying to get the house back together. With being gone last weekend, its amazing how fast a house falls apart. Things are starting to get back to normal, thank goodness.

Today Payten had a lunch date with her friends Nathan & Alexis. We went to the new restaurant called BJ's by the Millenia Mall. It was so yum! I have attached some pictures below of our lunch date fun. We hope to do again soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Well off to finish laundry so we can start another work week. :-)

Off to my lunch date with my friends, how do I look?

Oh Mom please, I am trying to eat!

My friend Nathan, we are three weeks apart!

Lexi & Nathan eating some yummy lunch!