March 1, 2013


Is it finally Friday?!  It feels like this day would never come!  What a week!  Camryn caught that nasty stomach bug Wednesday night :-(.  I absolutely hate when the girls are sick.  I feel so helpless.  Thank goodness it didn't last too long and so far the rest of us haven't gotten sick.  I am crossing my fingers it says this way!!!

We'll be laying low this weekend.  Camryn has a soccer game tomorrow morning but other then that we'll be hanging out.  The weather is supposed to be cooler so I am thinking I'll be taking a few trips to the park with the girls :-)  I also need to get to the mall at some point.  I found a few cute dresses for the girls for our cruise in May.  Can't wait for our trip in May!  It's not coming fast enough!

Happy Friday!