March 29, 2010

Just another Monday...

Why is it that Monday's come so quick? Monday-Friday's drag but then Saturday and Sunday just fly by. I am sure its because our weekends are full of fun and the weekdays consist of work and boring stuff. Haha. I think we need to do something about that. If the lottery would just come through for me :-)

Not too much going on around here. Sean got the results to his tests and the cyst is benign, thank goodness. That was a huge relief for us. Camryn is miss babbles all the time now. I think shes even more vocal then Payten. Payten is talking up a storm these days and says lots of new words and sayings. My favorites...
* Momma, I need a hug.
* Dada, I need some kisses.
* Night night Sissy, luv you.
* Corgy, Roxy, where are you?

She is too cute! Although her multiple attitudes are quite interesting. I am hoping these terrible two's don't last too long. Payten is signed up to start pre-school in the fall. She will be going three days a week, Mon/Wed/Fri. We are looking forward to her having some more one on one time with kids her own age. And will allow me some one on one time with Camryn.

I do need to finish up my comparison week. So stay tuned to some more posts. It may be over the matter of a few weeks but I promise more are coming :-)

Happy Monday!